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photo_DenverSkyline.jpgWith the release of The Mind Body Fertility Connection, many couples started to come to Denver to work with James. They found that the more intensive work they accomplished in several consecutive days--away from the interruptions at home--was very beneficial. They also enjoyed coming to visit a vibrant city-with much to see and do-and being so close to the Rocky Mountains that it was easy to schedule a side trip for skiing or hiking or enjoying nature.

Over time, clients have started coming to Denver to work on issues other than fertility. While hypnotherapy for smoking cessation and weight loss might be readily available in most areas, sometimes it is difficult to find a practitioner who specializes in some of the more complex issues such as insomnia, anger, anxiety, empowerment, control, relationship issues, self-esteem and healing issues.

Denver is a city with many attractions and is a gateway to the Rocky Mountains. The Rocky Mountain Hypnotherapy Center is located in Lakewood (a suburb of western Denver), Colorado. Several restaurants and hotels are within walking distance of the center. Additionally, clients can elect to experience several other healing modalities (acupuncture, counseling, massage therapy, herbal remedies, Maya massage, energy work, reflexology etc.) during their stay in Colorado.


Since the Hypnosis to Promote Fertility program may not yet be available in your area, James has designed a program for clients who would like to come to Denver and complete a more intensive series of hypnotherapy sessions. This is an opportunity to work personally with the author and experience the Hypnosis to Promote Fertility program upon which The Mind-Body Fertility Connection is based.

The hypnotherapy sessions are scheduled on consecutive days (Monday-Friday).  While it is ideal to have one session a day, that isn't always possible for visiting clients on tight schedules.  Since most programs--including fertility--are comprised of 5-6 sessions, out of town clients will often schedule two sessions per day in order to reduce their time in Denver to 3-4 days.  We always do our best to try to accomodate your schedule.

Additionally, clients can elect to experience several other healing modalities during their stay in Colorado. Those options include:

  • Acupuncture for fertility (3-5 sessions)
  • Regular massage (one or two sessions)
  • Energy work (one or two sessions)
  • Maya uterine massage (two sessions). Scheduling will depend on where a woman is in her cycle. In order to experience a Maya uterine massage, a woman must be between days one and 14 of her cycle (post-period bleeding and prior to ovulation). It is recommended that women experience two Maya uterine sessions in order to learn the self-care techniques.

For the convenience of our clients, the alternative modalities listed above will be performed at the same location as the hypnotherapy center, and the practitioners of these modalities are all specialists in the field of fertility treatment.

I have worked with Jim for several issues, including anxiety, insomnia and relationships. Jim promotes a collaborative, interactive and proactive approach, empowering clients with the tools needed to continue to work on the self. Jim is very thorough, insightful, and respectful, exuding passion for his work.

In my work with Jim, I experienced noticeable shifts in a short timeframe, empowering me to make proactive changes in my life. I have consequently experienced tremendous personal growth as a result of our work together.

~ Jennifer

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Additional Information

Clients who choose to come to Denver to do this work must download the Medical Release Form below. The purpose of the Medical Release Form is to inform a client's doctor or therapist that he/she is choosing to use hypnotherapy as a complementary modality to their healing or fertility work. This short form can be faxed to the doctor for a signature and then faxed back to the client so it can be brought to the first session. (Note: this is an all-purpose form which can be used for conditions other than infertility.)

Medical Release Form .pdf

Clients who are currently receiving acupuncture and would like to incorporate information from their Eastern medicine practitioner into their mind/body meditation should download the acupuncture form (below) and have it filled out by their acupuncturist. (Note: clients who do not have an acupuncturist can still incorporate this information into their mind/body meditation by scheduling acupuncture during their visit to Denver.) Again, this form can be faxed to and from the practitioner.

Acupuncture Form.pdf

These completed forms should be presented at the first hypnotherapy session. Both forms assure the Western medical doctors and acupuncturists that they remain the primary care providers and that hypnotherapy is being used as a complementary modality. It is important to note that hypnosis is not a substitute for traditional Western medicine. The work done in these sessions is considered complementary and not a replacement for allopathic treatment or the practice of Eastern medicine.




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