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How Can Hypnotherapy Help You with Insomnia?

Sleep Again! - Relief from Insomnia

photo_ManSleeping.jpgUsing a combination of acupuncture and hypnotherapy, at one convenient Denver location, many clients have found that they are finally able to experience restful sleep and wake up feeling refreshed. Whether you have difficulty falling asleep or experience repeated or prolonged periods of wakefulness during the night, this program is for you.

The Rocky Mountain Hypnotherapy Center and Roth Acupuncture have combined the use of acupuncture and hypnosis to create a program that directly addresses both the physical and emotional imbalances contributing to restlessness, wakefulness, anxiety, disturbing dreams and an over-active mind.

This unique protocol includes six sessions of acupuncture and four sessions of hypnotherapy conducted by professionals with over twenty years combined experience as practitioners. The program, specifically designed and tailored to the needs of each individual, includes:

  • A mind-body approach that addresses both the physical and emotional factors
  • Instructions and practice in using a safe, relaxing self-hypnosis program
  • Identifying and addressing the issues that impair the ability to sleep
  • Balancing the body's energetic and organ systems to alleviate anxiety
  • Herbal recommendations (if appropriate) to naturally aid the sleeping process.
  • Learning tools to achieve and maintain peaceful sleep

It's time you got a good night's sleep. Call to set up an appointment today.

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