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The Mind-Body Fertility Connection®

The Book and the Program

When the book, The Mind-Body Fertility Connection, was first published, it shook up old belief systems because it took a different approach: it focused on the feelings, emotions, beliefs and blocks that often needed to be addressed in order to overcome infertility.  The notion that fertility was solely connected to a woman’s physiology, even at that time, was a perception that was dying fast.  After all, each year seven million women in the United States are told they have “unexplained infertility,” a diagnosis which means that there is no physiological reason stopping them from getting pregnant.  And the idea that things like miscarriages, sexual abuse, inappropriate touching, terminations, societal beliefs, religious mores, familial dysfunctions, sexual histories, bad relationships and low self-esteem would have nothing to do with a woman’s fertility, even at that time, reflected antiquated thinking. 

So, in 2003, James Schwartz created a program called Hypnosis to Promote Fertility which took a positive approach to creating fertility.  It helped women reduce their stress and anxiety.  It helped them visualize and create a positive future.  It used a mind-body approach where women would take an active role in working with their body to prepare for pregnancy.  And, most importantly, it was designed to process the many blocks and emotional barriers that needed to be addressed before conception and full-term pregnancy, for many, could become a reality.

The program was so successful that it became the subject of James’ book titled, The Mind-Body Fertility Connection.  As interest in the book grew, James started to train and certify practitioners in order to make the program available to more and more people.  Those Certified Mind-Body Fertility® Practitioners, listed on this web site, are proficient in the Hypnosis to Promote Fertility program and have helped countless women overcome the blocks that were impacting their ability to become pregnant and have healthy babies.  

The Mind-Body Fertility Connection® Program

The Mind-Body Fertility Connection® Program based on the insights captured in the book, allows women to experience this compelling work with a caring, certified practitioner.  This program helps women experience their fertility as a journey of empowerment and presents a fresh new perspective on how to create conception.

Features of the program:

  • Guided exercises for meditation, self-hypnosis and visualization designed to empower women through the fertility process. 
  • Tools and techniques for reducing the stress that often blocks the ability to get pregnant and go full term.    
  • Strategies for processing issues that might be blocking conception.
  • Personalized one-on-one work with a caring practitioner in a field where many doctors and health care providers are unable to provide emotional support.
  • Revitalization of self-esteem and belief systems around getting pregnant.  
  • Utilization of a holistic approach that addresses mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health.

To find a mind-body fertility practitioner, visit our Certified Practitioners page. To schedule an appointment with James, call 303-987-1604 or go to our Contact Us page and type in your message.

Note: James is now conducting Hypnosis Sessions for Fertility via Skype. Please call or email if you would like more information.

The Mind-Body Fertility Connection® Book

The Mind Body Fertility Connection by James SchwartzFeatures of the book:

  • Success rates in studies about mind-body fertility research
  • A thorough investigation into a variety of hidden emotional blocks to fertility
  • Personal stories from women who have used this approach to overcome their obstacles to pregnancy
  • Guided exercises for meditation, energy work and visualization
  • A step-by-step action plan including a timeline and recommended therapies
  • Resources for acupuncture, hypnosis, meditation, Maya abdominal massage and other alternative healing methods
  • Techniques to enhance IUI and IVF procedures
  • A holistic approach that addresses mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health

To learn more about The Mind-Body Fertility Connection book, click here.

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