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What are some of the truths vs. misconceptions in regards to hypnosis?

2 by James Schwartz


I always tell people that they can throw out almost everything they've seen in the movies about hypnosis because none of that is true.

In the movies, they always say to the subject: "go to sleep". You don't sleep in hypnosis. That would be like seeing a psychotherapist and sleeping through the session. You would get absolutely nothing out of it.

In the movies, a person under hypnosis sometimes emerges saying: "I don't remember a thing." Again, this is not true. You not only remember, but it can be very beneficial to discuss what was felt during the session when the hypnosis is over.

You can't get stuck in hypnosis. That is very common in the movies. If you could get stuck in trance, the government would have made hypnotism illegal years ago. It isn't possible, so you don't have to worry about that.
Another concern is that hypnosis might make you susceptible to mind control. Can a hypnotist make people go out and rob banks and bring them the money? If that was possible, the hypnosis section of the yellow pages would be about four inches thick. If hypnosis was mind control, there would hundreds of events in history where the actions were blamed on hypnosis. There would be thousands of crimes committed because the criminal's mind was being controlled by someone else. How many events in history, can you name, that were influenced by hypnosis? How many crimes on the six o'clock news are the result of hypnosis? There aren't any, because it isn't possible. And, unfortunately, those misconceptions and fears have kept many people from choosing hypnotherapy and making positive life changes.

In my book, The Mind-Body Fertility Connection, I mention that a hypnotic trance is exactly what we enter when we are watching a very engaging movie. Our emotions and subconscious are fully engaged. Our feelings-good or bad-come to the surface. But when we are in the movies, we are still fully in control. If the person in the next seat tells us to go rob a bank and bring them the money, it isn't going to happen. Nor are we going to reveal our deepest darkest secrets. We aren't out of control: if someone says the building is on fire and we need to leave, we get up and leave. And when the credits roll, we aren't stuck in trance: we go on with our lives.

It is important to understand that hypnotherapy can be a very beneficial modality on the journey of healing and personal evolution. It shouldn't be associated with fear just because of misconceptions from television and cinema.




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