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Coming To Denver to Work on Fertility


Q. I understand you have a program for women to come to Denver to work on fertility.  Can you tell me how that works?

 A. Unlike some issues, such as smoking cessation or weight management, where I could easily refer you to someone in your area, fertility work is much more complex and requires a very unique set of skills.  I have a list of practitioners that I have trained in the Mind-Body Fertility Connection Program on my web site ( ).  I strongly recommend that couples who are trying to get pregnant make the trip to one of those professional practitioners on that list.

 For clients who are interested in coming to Denver, I have set up an intensive one week (Monday-Friday) program.  The schedule would include the five hypnotherapy sessions (with James) that make up the Mind-Body Fertility Connection Program scheduled on five consecutive days, Monday through Friday.  (Many clients fly in on Monday morning and then depart on Friday afternoon. Note: If necessary, a client can do two sessions per day and reduce their stay in Denver to three days.) 

Additionally, a woman can schedule acupuncture, Maya abdominal massage, regular massage and/or energy work at our center during that week.  I've included information about our Denver services on my web site (  For the convenience of our clients, the alternative modalities listed above will be performed at the same location as the hypnotherapy center, and the practitioners of these modalities are all specialists in the field of fertility treatment.  

Also, husbands and/or partners often come to Denver and participate in a few sessions of hypnotherapy in order to do their own work.  All sessions are individual and confidential.  For a list of issues that can be addressed with hypnosis, see




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