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Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss


Q. I am interested in hypnotherapy for weight loss.  Can you tell me about that?

A. (James Schwartz, BCH)  My weight management program usually consists of four sessions.  The first session is about 90 minutes long and the other sessions are 60 minutes.  Some clients might need additional sessions if they have a lot of issues connected to their weight.  And some clients, after the program is finished, want to come in every couple of months to make sure they stay on track, but that is not required.

During the program, we work on everything from snacking, exercise, eating healthy meals, reducing the amount of food consumed (if necessary), emotional eating, self-esteem issues, managing stress and disconnecting from things that make people turn to food.  The key to a successful weight management program is identifying and processing the emotional issues that create unhealthy eating habits and cause people to hold onto weight, so that is one of the main focuses of the program.

Clients should always feel free to call for additional information.



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