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How is Your Book Different From Other Books on Fertility?


How is Your Book Different from Other Books on Fertility?

            In The Mind/Body Fertility Connection, my goal is to offer insights into an area that is critical to conception but has been widely overlooked in the past.  With the exception of a handful of pioneering practitioners around the world who have discovered the importance of this work, this is a virtually unexplored area.  No other books on the market deal directly with the mind/body connection to fertility.

            As I have worked with the subconscious minds of hundreds of women over the years, I have gained-and offer here-a new and different perspective on what I have observed to be the true causes of infertility.  It is time to look at this condition realistically.  If millions of women around the world-including over seven million in the U.S. alone-have been diagnosed with unexplained infertility, then it is time to take a closer look at the mental and emotional connection to infertility.  After all, the diagnosis of "unexplained infertility" means that there is no physiological explanation for the condition.

            This book is for the woman who is looking for a new perspective on infertility, one that offers solutions and techniques for taking charge of her ability to conceive.  The Mind/Body Fertility Connection is written by a practitioner who specializes in working with infertility clients, understands the real blocks and issues that prevent conception, knows how to process and heal those issues and whose writing captures the strategies and solutions in a clear, easy to understand language. 



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