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Why am I Having Pain with My Period?


Q. Why am I having pain with my period?

A. (Ruth Chao) Menstruation should be a beautiful orchestrated function of nerves, veins, hormones and chi.  The onset of menstruation should be painless, without cramping, headaches or backaches.  Any discomfort is considered pathology and not normal functioning.

Too many women and young girls suffer from painful menstruation caused by a malpositioned uterus.  Until the uterine position is addressed and corrected, no pills or herbs will bring about relief of these symptoms.  The basic underlying cause must be treated.

The malpositioned uterus is weak, undernourished and toxic.  Every function it performs will be affected as it is unable to effectively cleanse from month to month.

Mayan Abdominal Massage is an ancient powerful technique of the Maya.  It is an external non-invasive manipulation of the abdomen that repositions the uterus, helping reestablish unrestricted flow of blood, lymph, nerve and chi.  It not only covers the abdominal region, but also the pelvis, the lower back and the sacrum.

Painful periods are avoidable and correctable using this technique.  The combination of dietary changes to wholesome foods and the application of three to six professional sessions of Mayan Abdominal Massage is almost guarantee that menses will become a blessing, and not a "curse".



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