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Hot Stone Therapy

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Hot Stone Therapy

Question: I have noticed that you incorporate Hot Stones in every massage session; can you explain the benefits of Hot Stone Therapy? 

Answer (Lisa Beaubien): The Hot Stones that I use are called Basalt rocks that have been polished and blessed with a healing intention.  They are great at delivering instant heat to not only the superficial muscles, but the deep muscles and organs as well.  That in turn helps for deeper relaxation, cleansing and faster healing. Also, most clients report that the heat allows them to relax so deeply that they fall asleep during the treatment session allowing for healing on a physiological level.  This helps to relieve the stress of always being on the "go," or what is known as the "fight or flight" syndrome.  All that being said, the best "reply" from a Hot Stone treatment is snoring!  



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