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Our Cells Are Listening

2 by James Schwartz



Our Cells Are Listening

Q.  I've heard terms like cellular release or cellular reprogramming.  Why is that important?

A. We are continually replacing the old cells in our bodies with new ones.  Some cells are replaced in a matter of days, others take months.  It is almost as if we are rebuilding our entire bodies-a cell at a time-every three to 12 months.  So, the notion of healing or reprogramming our cells opens up intriguing possibilities, especially if the new cells that are created could be generated with a new consciousness or belief system. 

The objective in working with cells is to change the consciousness from one of physical disharmony or emotional unrest to one of healthiness and inner peace.  Since we are continually creating new cells, why not change the programming in those cells as they are being generated?            

We are not fixed and unchangeable.  There is scientific evidence that demonstrates that our cells are constantly receiving and responding to the stimuli we give them. This means that our cells are not static and they do react to the environment.  They are listening.  So, the question becomes: what happens if we change the messages are we sending.



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