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What Does A Typical Hypnosis Session Entail?

2 by James Schwartz



Q. Can you share with us what a typical hypnosis session would entail?

A.     The goal of hypnosis is to access the subconscious mind.  All of our issues whether it be anxieties, fears, behavioral patterns, beliefs, memories, experiences, feelings and emotions are all rooted in the subconscious mind.  To make changes in our lives, we have to address the subconscious material.  Just talking about things on a conscious level, in my opinion, will not uncover or process the incredibly powerful subconscious programming.

In a session, the hypnotist uses what is called an induction to move a client into a state where subconscious information is easy to access.  The process can vary from session to session, but often the hypnotist will try to help the client find the source or root of an issue.  When the origin is uncovered, then that source material can be processed or healed and replaced by a more positive belief system.

For example, a client who has feelings of inadequacy might go back to a time when, at a very young age, a parent or teacher might have berated them for making a mistake.  The words might have been especially venomous, or perhaps it happened in front of the child's friends.  When that scene comes forward, that energy or belief system can be reframed in a more positive way or the client can "unplug" from the old negative energy surrounding the incident.  Perhaps that person can be reminded of the success they have achieved since that traumatic moment, or perhaps they need to see that the abusive language came from someone who was projecting their own anger or insecurity at that child.  There are many ways the transition can take place, but the key is to put a more positive perspective in place of those old feelings of insecurity.



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