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What Do You Think Is The Best Way To Promote Fertility?

2 by James Schwartz



Q. What do you think is the best way to promote fertility?

A.        (James Schwartz) I think the key to fertility is to create mental, physical, emotional-and for some, spiritual-wellness.  I highly recommend that all my clients use acupuncture to put the body in a place of physical balance.  I recommend hypnotherapy to reduce stress and process the emotional blocks that might be interfering with the conception process.  I also suggest clients use Maya uterine massage to make sure that the uterus is in proper alignment.

In my book, The Mind-Body Fertility Connection, I make a comparison between a fertility client and a triathlete.  If a triathlete has an injured ankle, shortness of breath, fears of drowning and always sabotages herself whenever she competes, it would be unwise for her to take on that athletic event.  Similarly, when a fertility client has weak kidney and spleen chi, a uterus that is out of alignment, is experiencing high anxiety and has a fear of repeated miscarriages, I believe it is very unlikely that she can be successful with conception or carrying the baby full term.

So, the key is to create balance first, and that is when the fertility process truly begins.  Many women figure that when they go off the pill, it is the start of the fertility journey.  I feel that a woman begins that journey when she starts to work on creating mental, physical and emotional balance in her life. And, based on nine years of specializing in this work, I find it to be very rare that a woman can circumvent that process by ignoring all of the physical and emotional issues and simply opting for Western medicine.  Western medicine can be beneficial with infertility, but I believe women who choose Western medicine should be doing this wellness work in conjunction with their procedures.



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