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Q. What is HypnoBirthing?

A. The goal of HypnoBirthing® is to have a birth that is natural, free of drugs or medical intervention.  During the classes both husband and wife learn everything from breathing techniques to ways to induce labor naturally.  Although the program is very comprehensive, the most important part is for the mother to learn how to master self-hypnosis so that she can relax all of the muscles involved in the birthing process. 

I like to start the classes nine weeks prior to the due date and meet every other week.  If a woman is close to her due date, we can always accelerate the work and meet more often. 

I teach HypnoBirthing in private sessions instead of group sessions.  I've found that many people (especially husbands) feel more comfortable asking questions when it is just one couple.  Also, it gives the couple more personalized instruction in hypnosis and greater scheduling flexibility. You can arrange the classes to be when it is convenient for you rather than having to fit into a class schedule that may not fit your personal needs.



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