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Cell Receptors

2 by James Schwartz



Q. In Your book, The Mind-Body Fertility Connection, you talk about changing the programming in the cells.  Is that possible?

A. This is what I say about that in the book:

            "New discoveries in science have become so prevalent lately that it seems like the    textbooks, and many of our old assumptions about biology, have quickly become outdated.  One of those old beliefs-that has been proven false-is the assumption that our cells have rigid programming and simply carry out their specific functions while being oblivious to the outside world.  Biologists now know that cells are not impartial microscopic forms with rigid programming; instead, our cells are continually changing, responding and reacting to stimuli from their environment."

            Our cells have what are called cell receptors.  Cell receptors are like little ears attached to each cell.  Those receptors are listening to what we say: our thoughts, our words, our beliefs and our feelings.  If we are very positive in our thoughts (i.e. "I never get the flu."), that is what we manifest.  Conversely, I believe we can create negative dynamics (i.e. "Every time I go on vacation, I get sick.") if we aren't careful. 

            Part of the work in hypnotherapy, I believe, can be checking in with the subconscious messages/thoughts we send to our cells and altering those negative thoughts to create better outcomes.



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