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How Can Our Issues Create Infertility?

2 by James Schwartz



In the book, I talk about a research study involving psychosomatics, the belief that our mental and emotional state can affect the health of our physical bodies.  Doctors have said for years that too much stress or emotional upset can be at the root of physical issues such as headaches, high BP, digestive issues, skin rashes and so on. However, doctors always looked at fertility as simply a biological issue: thoughts, emotions, fears, stress etc. had nothing to do with it.  Now with seven million women diagnosed with "unexplained infertility" in the U.S. alone, it is time to rethink the old beliefs.  After all, seven million women are being told that nothing is wrong physically.  That is a strong indication that thoughts, emotions, anxieties, fears, stress have everything to do with conception.

            One of the breakthrough studies in this area was the Psychosomatics study from the 1970's which included a woman named Rena who really wanted to have a baby.  Rena was a healthy 23-year-old who had some deep-seated fears about pregnancy and childbirth.  The women in her family had a history of very difficult pregnancies and as much as Rena wanted a baby, she was full of fear about what might happen if she became pregnant.  During the study, Rena continued to struggle with infertility.  Finally, when the doctors started to monitor her more closely, they discovered that-as a result of Rena's fear-the muscles around her fallopian tubes would tighten and essentially close the fallopian tubes during ovulation.  After ovulation, when the chance of becoming pregnant was gone, the tubes would open again and everything would appear normal.

            This study was very important because it was the first one that connected emotional stress with a physical response that resulted in infertility.  Since the Psychosomatics study, there have been numerous mind-body fertility studies that show how important it is to process issues and reduce stress in order to promote fertility.



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