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Getting Massage On A Regular Basis

Question:  When you give a massage, can you tell the physical condition and overall well-being of each individual?   And does that change when coming on a regular, monthly basis? 

Answer (Lisa):  Yes, as I always say "the issues are in the tissues" and we as a human species tend to carry our "armor" on the outside, which not only affects how the body feels to me a massage practitioner, but also how your body responds on all levels.   If your mind is in a state of receptivity and wanting the healing on all levels, healing will happen much more rapidly.  Also, if you are doing other healing modalities in our clinic, such as the acupuncture, hypnotherapy, and Maya massage, this will deepen and increase your rate of healing.  Please remember your holistic nutrition, adequate water intake, proper rest, and staying present in life will contribute to a much healthier, balanced, and overall well-being deepening your massage experience.    



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