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Best Audio Recordings For Fertility

What are the best audio recordings for fertility?

The only recordings to enhance fertility (or help women with infertility) that I endorse are a series of supplemental recordings entitled Recordings to Enhance Your Fertility Journey.  These recordings don’t replace the vital work and self-hypnosis techniques that our clients do with their Mind-Body Fertility Connection Practitioners, but they can be very helpful in certain situations:

·   If someone wants to give a gift to encourage a friend/sister/co-worker to see a MBFC hypnotist, the recordings can help that friend understand the work she can do with a MBFC practitioner

·   For the woman who has fallen off her self-hypnosis routine but still wants to be doing something positive

·   For the woman who wants to do everything in her power to get pregnant, she can listen to these recordings and do her self-hypnosis

·   For women who need extra support during different phases of her cycle (The recording entitled “Love Your Period” is especially good for women who experience an emotional crash during that time.)

·   For the woman who is too nervous or lives too far away to see a MBFC practitioner but wants something to help her on her journey

These four recordings are designed to be listened to during the various phases of a woman’s cycle to help her stay focused and maintain a positive outlook.  The audio program is available as CD’s from MBFC Practitioners or MP3’s online at



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