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What is Stress Management Consulting?

2 by James Schwartz


Questions: What exactly is Stress Management Consulting? 

Answer (Velina Lujan): Every session is unique to the individual client who seeks my support. Usually a client comes to me because there is a particular issue or issues that are causing them significant stress in their lives, OR they are just finding themselves generally stressed and overwhelmed without a clear understanding as to why they are struggling so much. 

I personalize each session based on the clients needs and readiness. The session could be anything from a 90-2 hour comprehensive assessment, evaluation and treatment of the stressors. A client may have complex health challenges which cause them significant stress and residual challenges in their life as a result. Another client may not have had any clear picture of what was going on and the intake process was mostly gathering information for us to come to a clearer understanding of the problem and how to approach it.

Others may come in fully aware of what they need and just tell me. I have various stress reduction tools including sophisticated technology for assessment and treatment, as well as the use of divination cards, in depth holistic health and wellness review, and specific pain areas where we target the hands-on healing and self-care instruction. 

Intentional massage and bodywork to support and guide the client toward their goal and to treat the issues at hand are also common sessions in my practice. 

I let the client guide me as I assess where my knowledge and expertise will best serve them. And I believe that the client generally knows best what it is they need. I act as a support, guide and teacher as well as therapist, working on the body to achieve optimal relaxation and pain relief.



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