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Misconceptions about Hypnosis

2 by James Schwartz


Q. Is the Portrayal of Hypnosis in Movies Accurate?

A. The way hypnosis is presented in the movies is generally very far from the truth.  In the movies, the hypnotist often starts the process by saying, “go to sleep.”  There is no sleeping in hypnosis.  Have you ever tried to talk to someone who was asleep?  It doesn’t work very well, does it? 

On film, the hypnotist can make his or her subjects rob banks and bring them the money.  If that was a possibility, wouldn’t crimes committed by people under hypnosis be on the news every night?

The movie versions of hypnosis have zombie-like subjects stuck in trance.  Have you ever seen individuals wondering around, as if they were sleep walking, asking, “What bank should I rob today?”

So, when you think about it, the movie portrayal of hypnosis is usually pretty inaccurate.  And, if any of the characteristics listed above were true, hypnosis would be illegal.

In reality, hypnosis is perfectly safe and the client is always in control.  So, you can laugh at the movies, but if you want to work on issues that are important to you, hypnotherapy can be very effective.



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