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Alchemical Hypnosis

2 by James Schwartz


What is Alchemical Hypnosis?

            The origins of alchemy go back thousands of years.  Generally, when people think of alchemy, they think of the process of transmuting metals into gold, but in relation to personal growth, the term became a metaphor to describe the process of changing the spirit or being of an individual.  Initially, chemicals, elixirs, potions, and even metals were used to assist in personal transformations, and the objective of this transmutation process was to heal from diseases, difficulties, ailments and evils.   Some people believed that through alchemy one could experience rejuvenation and perhaps even achieve immortality.  Over time, the practice of alchemy shifted and became more focused on the spiritual and mystical.  In the 1940’s, Carl Jung adapted the process into his psychoanalytic methods, working with archetypes and inner guides.

            In contemporary alchemical hypnotherapy, clients often work with various inner guides.  For example, an individual who lacks self-esteem, might, during their session, bring in various parts of themselves including their inner child, their inner judge, their rebellious self and their neglected self.  Then, with the assistance of the hypnotist, there might be discussions and mediation between those “parts” in order to release some of the old patterns and beliefs which could then be replaced by a new, more positive dynamic.  Metaphorically, the goal is to take the base metal, or person who is struggling, and assist them in turning themselves and their lives into a more golden existence.



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