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How Can You Tell If Someone Is In Hypnosis?

2 by James Schwartz


There are several signs to indicate when someone is in hypnosis.  Here are just a few.  One of the easiest to observe is rapid eye movement or REM.  A second indication is often a change in the breathing patterns of the client: the breathing becomes much calmer and more peaceful.  Another sign of hypnosis is a change in the time it takes for the client to respond to a question or comment.  In the waking state an individual will usually respond to a question in 2-3 seconds.  In hypnosis, that response time might be ten to fifteen seconds and sometimes it can stretch to a full minute.  The slower response time simply reflects a deeper level of relaxation.  Other indicators can sometimes include the lessening of wrinkles and worry lines making people look younger and less anxious.  While the younger appearance in hypnosis is—unfortunately—only temporary, there are hypnotists who are studying the potential of using hypnosis to ward off the effects of aging.

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