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Why choose hypnosis for infertility?

2 by James Schwartz


Millions of women around the world struggle with infertility.  They often seek out expensive medical treatments to promote conception when the true cause of their infertility is often buried in the subconscious mind. 

For decades, infertility was regarded as strictly a physiological issue.  People were told that the mind and emotions had nothing to do with getting and staying pregnant.  But how could something connected to intimacy issues, abusive family dynamics, inappropriate touching/uncomfortable predatory situations, miscarriages, terminations, past relationships, religious beliefs, past sexual abuse, societal beliefs and judgements, issues such as guilt and shame, self-esteem concerns, control, perfectionism etc. etc. not be connected to our feelings and emotions?  Is it realistic for us to believe that none of those issues have any influence on our physical bodies, the stress we feel, or the ability to become pregnant?  All of those things add to our stress, and stress is the main reason people can’t get pregnant.  Quite simply, stress puts us in survival mode and takes us out of reproductive mode.  If the real causes of infertility were strictly physical and women simply needed drugs and medical procedures to get pregnant, then why are the full-term success rates of assisted reproductive techniques (the true rates reported by the CDC) so disappointing?

After several years of using hypnosis to promote fertility, I wrote The Mind-Body Fertility Connection.  If you are trying to get pregnant and would like a different perspective, you might want to take a look at the book or call one of the Mind-Body Fertility Connection ® Practitioners listed on my website.

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