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Unveiling the Mysteries of Life, Death and Beyond

2 by James Schwartz


Unveiling the Mysteries of Life, Death and Beyond:

A new book that unlocks the secrets of our existence

One Voice, Sacred Wisdom

By James Schwartz


What if you could access the answers to all of those mysterious questions you’ve always wanted to know about spirituality?  Questions like what happens when we die?  Is there such a thing as karma?  Is there a secret to healing the physical body?  Using a hypnosis process, author James Schwartz was able to gather information about life, death, the afterlife, karma, parallel planes, healing and why we exist on this planet—from his clients who were communicating directly with their guides.  The result of those sessions is presented in a captivating new book called, One Voice, Sacred Wisdom, a groundbreaking exploration into the information available to us from other realms.

Now available in bookstores and online.

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