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Why I Wrote One Voice, Sacred Wisdom

2 by James Schwartz


One of the most powerful applications of alchemical hypnosis—that is hypnosis where a guide or angel is brought in for communication—is in those sessions where the issue of death is a concern to the client.  They may have come in to do grief work around the passing of someone close to them or maybe they have fears about their own mortality.

With those clients, I often ask what happens when we die, and usually the answer is filled with uncertainty.  Many of those people follow their reply with their own personal story in regards to spirituality.  Those stories often include exposure to organized religion at an early age followed by some disillusion and then an eventual parting of the ways with the church associated with their birth family.  They often assure me that they believe in “something,” perhaps “Energy” or “Universe,” but they aren’t really sure what to believe.

So, I approached One Voice, Sacred Wisdom from the perspective of the impartial observer.  I wanted to know about life, death, karma and other challenging topics, but I had to be completely objective because I was essentially asking these questions for all of those people who I refer to as Spiritual Seekers: individuals who want to learn more about spirituality but don’t know where to begin.   So, I asked questions, and the guides responded.  I hope the book answers some of those questions for you and opens new possibilities for expanding our consciousness.


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