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New Year’s Resolutions for Weight Loss

When is the best time to start working on weight loss?

As 2019 draws near, many people start thinking about New Year’s Resolutions for weight loss. 

Some people feel like any changes needs to literally start on New Year’s Day and if they get off track during the first few days of January, they start to believe it is too late to create a new beginning.  However, there are others who make the decision to make positive changes in 2019 and then put that plan into action whenever they are able to schedule a hypnosis session.  Given the practicalities of our busy lives, it is usually best to make that New Year’s resolution knowing that it might be a week or two before it goes into action.  In other words, coordinate the new beginning with your first appointment.

And, there is yet one more approach to consider: some people plan ahead and come in before the end of the year because they know if they can keep from gaining five pounds over the holidays, they will have a head start with their decision to be healthy and feel good in the New Year.  

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