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The Fight or Flight Response, Why We Don’t Recognize It, and How it Affects Fertility

2 by James Schwartz



             In our society, stress has become such a familiar component of our make-up that we learn to live with that anxiety as something that is present in us all the time.  Oftentimes, when I guide people into a deeply relaxed hypnotic or meditative state, people are amazed by the extreme change they are experiencing.  It isn't uncommon for some people to cry because they begin to realize how much pressure they have been carrying around for most of their life.  This stressed condition, the fight-or-flight mode has become such a familiar feeling that people aren't aware of it.  We become accustomed to how it feels.

            When the body goes into fight-or-flight mode, the adrenal glands produce cortisol, the stress hormone.  It is putting us into defense or survival mode and takes us out of reproductive mode.  The blood goes to the extremities so we can run fast or punch someone if we should need to defend ourselves; however, this takes the blood and energy away from the core of our body.  The uterus and the reproductive system need that energy and blood flow to function properly become depleted.  It takes away the likelihood of conception.  In other words, when our hypothalamus gland senses stress, it assumes that we are in danger-perhaps running for our lives-and the last thing it wants to do is create a pregnancy under those conditions.  That is why reducing stress is such an important part of the fertility process.  And, it is important to remember, stress is not just our current day-to-day obligations; most of our stress comes from our old unprocessed emotional issues.



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