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Are You Sleeping?

2 by James Schwartz


Are You Sleeping? This is one of the major misconceptions about hypnosis.  The answer is “no,” and simple logic can explain why that is a silly notion.

Most of us have tried to have a conversation with someone who was asleep and discovered that all that person does in response is mumble gibberish.  Contemporary hypnosis is very interactive with ongoing communications between the hypnotist and the client. So, if the client was sleeping and it was impossible to have meaningful conversations, there would be no benefit to the work and that, in turn, would mean hypnotists would be unable to stay in business.

The hypnotic experience is actually much like listening to a meditative recording where the client is relaxed but always in control. They are not asleep.  The sleeping idea comes, in part, from the way hypnosis has been portrayed in the movies and on TV.  So the next time you see a program where a hypnotist, in some deep mesmerizing voice, says “go to sleep,” you’ll know that someone involved in the production neglected to do their homework.

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