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Propaganda And How It Affects Us

2 by James Schwartz


Propaganda And How It Affects Us

The subject of propaganda comes up often during client sessions these days.  People from all over the political spectrum seem to agree on a few things about propaganda: one; the majority of the information is untrue (no matter which side you are on), two; it comes from people who want to manipulate us and three; it is designed to create division.  The way one of my clients aptly described it: “We’re all being played.”

In hypnosis, a key element we work with is suggestibility.  Suggestibility is a measure of how open a client is to believe new information.  For example, a suggestible weight management client might make significant changes in their lifestyle because they followed a suggestion—given during their hypnosis session—to eat healthy foods.

Clients typically become more suggestible when they experience emotions.  If fact, we often enter a light state of hypnosis when we become emotional.  An example of this is the person who says they got so angry, “they couldn’t see straight.”   So, how are the propaganda experts using this?

They get the readers/viewers/listeners into an emotional state and then introduce the material, in the form of suggestions, they want the listener to accept as truth.  In a sense they are putting their followers into a hypnotic state by tapping into the anger, frustration, fear and other emotions that are so prevalent these days.  Once they have listeners worked up, they feed them the suggestions they wish to implant.

Could they hypnotize good people to do bad things? No.  People won’t do things that violate their moral or ethical standards.  However, a member of a radical group could be moved to act in ways they feel are just even though those actions may not be lawful.

So, what do the guides say about this?  We all need to stop participating.  Stop engaging. Stop being “played.”  Turn off the media and participate in things that brighten and uplift our lives. The negative energy not only makes us feel bad, but that same negative energy also makes it so that other people don’t want to be around us.  Thus, we have division.  It has come to the point where one has to decide if being immersed in negative information is more important than personal connections and happiness.

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