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One Voice, Sacred Wisdom
Revealing Answers to Some of Life’s Greatest Mysteries from Your Guides, Spirits, and Angels By James Schwartz

One Voice Sacred WisdomWhy are we here on this planet? What happens when we die? Is there such a thing as karma? Is there an afterlife? Is there a secret to healing the physical body?

Those were the mysteries James Schwartz set out to answer in One Voice, Sacred Wisdom, a groundbreaking exploration of spiritual questions we have all pondered. Using hypnosis, James was able to gather information from clients who were in direct communication with their guides and angels. And from those sessions—about life, death, karma, parallel planes, healing, and why we exist—come new insights that may challenge many of the spiritual beliefs that we have come to accept.

Highlights of One Voice, Sacred Wisdom include:

  • Actual transcripts of clients experiencing the phenomena of visiting different planes of existence during their hypnosis sessions.
  • A fascinating explanation—from the guides—of how parallel planes can actually exist and how time operates to accommodate them.
  • A compilation of information from hundreds of guides who shared their wisdom in hypnosis sessions.

One Voice, Sacred Wisdom is a must-read guide for anyone searching for answers, whether you walk the path of traditional religion or are an independent seeker of spiritual truths.

Release date: June 19, 2017.  Published by New Page Books at

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About The Book

Notes from the Author 

I don’t talk to dead people, but my clients do… sort of.  I practice a variation of hypnotherapy where I help clients communicate with their guides, angels, totems, ancestors, spiritual teachers or whomever they believe in. I don’t bring in these otherworldly advisors, the client does.  I ask questions of these guides, but it is always the client who answers the questions by first listening to the source and then relaying information they are given. 

One Voice, Sacred Wisdom by James Schwartz

The more I noticed how helpful this information was for my clients as they worked through challenges, the more interested I became in what other insights the guides might be able to share about the broader, more universal questions we all have.  So, I started asking questions about life, death, the afterlife, karma, parallel planes, healing and why we exist on this planet.

That is how this journey began.  I asked the guides to share their wisdom with us.  Not only were there many amazing surprises in the responses, but there was a remarkable consistency as well.  How could it be that the same information would come forth regardless of whether the source was an angel, an animal totem, a ball of energy, a spirit guide or even Jesus Christ?  How could it be that the same information was given regardless of whether the client was a Christian, a Jew, an atheist or one who describes themselves as metaphysical? And how could it be that many of those answers would challenge the spiritual foundations that many of us have grown up with or have come to accept?  Despite all of the different sources, it was as if all of this Sacred Wisdom was coming from One Voice.

Other writers have written books where they channeled information from spiritual sources, and while some of those books are intriguing, the perspectives they present could potentially be colored by the personal bias of the author.  With One Voice, Sacred Wisdom, I am not the one channeling information, and the purpose of this work is not to tell you how to think or what to believe.  My role was to be the objective reporter and record the communications given to clients as they conversed with their own personal guides.  What I do share is my journey along the way: I started out with my own ideas and opinions only to have many of those beliefs turned upside down during this process. 

One Voice, Sacred Wisdom is a compilation of these amazing communications.  It might shake up your belief system, but more importantly, it may offer new groundbreaking wisdom and guidance to help you understand and navigate your way through this journey of life. 

About The Author

James Schwartz, Author One Voice, Sacred WisdomJames Schwartz is a Board Certified Hypnotherapist and an NLP practitioner.  He is certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists and a member of the Colorado Association of Psychotherapists.  James is the founder and director of the Rocky Mountain Hypnotherapy Center in Lakewood, Colorado, and is certified in Complementary Medical Hypnosis, NeuroLinguistic Programming and HypnoBirthing®.  A graduate of Cal State Dominguez Hills and San Diego State University, James is a gifted teacher, speaker, writer and musician.

One Voice, Sacred Wisdom (released in June of 2017) is a groundbreaking exploration into the communications we are receiving from other realms.  Through the use of hypnosis, James was able to gather information about life, death, the afterlife, karma, parallel planes, healing and why we exist on this planet from clients who were communicating directly with their guides.

Through his extensive work with infertility clients, James created and developed the Hypnosis to Promote Fertility program which focuses on healing the mental and emotional barriers that can often prevent conception.  This work led to his book, The Mind Body Fertility Connection®, which was endorsed by leaders in the fields of acupuncture, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and Maya massage.

For more information about the author, you can go to the web site for The Rocky Mountain Hypnotherapy Center, LLC, at  If you are interested in James’ book on fertility, The Mind-Body Fertility Connection, check out www.the

Scheduling Sessions Where You Can Communicate With Your Guides

The One Voice, Sacred Wisdom Program

One Voice, Sacred Wisdom ProgramIf you are intrigued by the idea of meeting and communicating with your guides, exploring paralell planes or perhaps even investigating other realms, you can undergo that experience by scheduling a couple of  hypnosis sessions with James.  Those two sessions can be scheduled on the same day (for out of town visitors), done on consecutive days or spread out over a longer period of time.

If necessary, out of town visitors can schedule the two One Voice, Sacred Wisdom sessions in the same day and fly in and out on the day of their appointments.  However, it is usually more rewarding to extend your stay.  Denver is a vibrant city, with much to see and do, and being so close to the Rocky Mountains makes it easy to schedule a side trip for skiing or hiking or enjoying nature.  The Rocky Mountain Hypnotherapy Center is located in Lakewood (a suburb of western Denver), Colorado, and several restaurants and hotels are within walking distance of the center.

If you would like more information about this program or would like to schedule your sessions, please go to the Contact Us page.

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