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Recordings to Enhance Your Fertility Journey



These four audio recordings are designed to be listened to during the various phases of a woman’s cycle to help her stay focused and maintain a positive outlook. They are an ideal way for a women to prepare her mind, body and emotions for conception and full-term pregnancy by opening the mind-body fertility pathways.  All four automated sessions include daily affirmations, visualizations, metaphors and positive imagery as well as helpful tools to create balance and harmony on the fertility journey.

Track 1 - Harmony and Balance

Encourage your physical, mental and emotional healing, with body, hormone, mind and energy alignment.  Allow a general cleanse of your body to encourage proper body functions.  Release old negativities and attachments.  Learn to love and accept your body while focusing your mind and energy to allow everything to work in harmony.  

Track 2 – Love Your Period

Sometimes in our fertility journey it is difficult to accept the presence of our periods.  However, accepting this part of our cycle is essential on our path to conception.  This recording focuses on allowing complete and gentle shedding and cleansing of the uterine lining to allow for a fuller healthier regrowth the next cycle, thus creating an optimal environment for a new life!  Enjoy your menstruation and find peace and relaxation with this session.

Track 3 – Easy Ovulation

Encourage the optimal release of reproductive hormones to stimulate your follicles and thus release your precious egg in perfect hormonal balance to support fertilization.  Enhance an inviting environment for sperm and prepare yourself for easy union of sperm and egg.

Track 4 - Amazing Conception

As you envision the perfect union of sperm and egg, facilitate optimal implantation of this special new life and encourage the release of the proper hormones to support your baby.  Nourish your baby with the flow of positive energy and accept life on a day-to-day basis or... imagine your baby growing inside you.

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