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I have worked with Jim for several issues, including anxiety, insomnia and relationships. Jim promotes a collaborative, interactive and proactive approach, empowering clients with the tools needed to continue to work on the self. Jim is very thorough, insightful, and respectful, exuding passion for his work.

In my work with Jim, I experienced noticeable shifts in a short timeframe, empowering me to make proactive changes in my life. I have consequently experienced tremendous personal growth as a result of our work together.


I came to hypnotherapy with a generalized state of unhappiness and a certain amount of skepticism. I had had lots of therapy and wondered what hypnotherapy could possibly add. I discovered--lots! I found Jim Schwartz to be highly skilled and a man of integrity. During the therapy I found hidden pockets of pain and fear-based messages that were underlying my depression and limiting my joy in the present. Hypnotherapy proved to be the capstone of my therapeutic journey.

The tools of meditation and self-hypnosis I learned in hypnotherapy help me daily to respond to the curves life throws me from a place of tranquility and trust rather than from fear and anger.

~ Rebecca

Jim has taught me so much about meditation! I am currently pregnant with my second baby after undergoing IVF. I am confident that my daily meditations have led to this pregnancy. My sessions with Jim helped heal past hurts, visualize the outcome that I desired, and minimize the stress of IVF. I would highly recommend Jim and hypnotherapy in general for anyone struggling with infertility.

~ Christine

During my 30 years as a psychotherapist, I have worked primarily with survivors of trauma. In order to work effectively with these clients, I have had to resolve my own traumatic history. Jim is an exceptionally skilled clinician and has demonstrated the utmost respect and kindness in guiding me through deeply painful trauma from my childhood. He is intelligent, warm, perceptive and, at all times, focused upon and respectful of his client. He works competently and confidently at a depth rarely matched by others. I am happy to recommend him unreservedly.

~ Karen
   Licensed Clinical Psychologist

I came to Jim to learn how to handle and work through difficult situations. He showed incredible insight and helped me work with my communication skills and expectations. I have referred several people to Jim. I tell them that he is a great listener and gets to the issues quickly. I enjoy attending sessions with Jim and strongly recommend him. He has changed my life for the better.

~ Robert

I highly endorse and recommend the work of Jim Schwartz. Jim provides a safe, supportive environment in which to release belief systems that are no longer supportive. His work also removes blockages, some of which a person may not even be aware. Jim's work is very effective because he works with the subconscious which sculptures our life. The longer I work with Jim, the more areas I am aware of that need attention. I highly recommend Jim's services to anyone who is serious about changing their life for the better.

~ Kathy

I came to Jim for weight management. The whole experience was extremely helpful. We addressed underlying issues that needed to come forward in order for true health to emerge. I would recommend Jim to anyone.

~ Richard

I was referred to James to deal with stress related to still another outbreak of hives. Within weeks I was able to reduce my medications, and now ten months later I am completely free of hives. This is the first time in my life I have been off medication and completely free of hives. I'm amazed and very pleased.

~ Theresa

My husband and I were delighted to learn about HypnoBirthing and then discover Jim Schwartz. After our first session, it was clear that Jim could help us achieve the birth of our desire. We felt further blessed to have a male practitioner since pregnancy and birthing is often dominated by female energy.

Not only did Jim provide us with the skills we needed during our HypnoBirthing session, he also helped us overcome some pregnancy related obstacles.

On April 1st, 2008, we were honored to welcome our daughter into our arms using HypnoBirthing techniques. Our birth was what we desired in every aspect, and we feel confident Jim played a role in helping us achieve that.

I am now delighted to be working with Jim on post-partum issues. I would highly recommend Jim Schwartz and his wife, Julie Roth, who together offer comprehensive services to men and women, and who have both been very helpful to me during and after my pregnancy.

~ Kim

Before I was treated for fertility concerns at Rocky Mountain Hypnotherapy, I had a complicated gynecological history. I was 35-years-old when my husband and I decided to get pregnant. Because of my age and history, I was told I was at higher risk for infertility, and after becoming pregnant, I did, in fact, suffer a miscarriage.

Fortunately, Jim at Rocky Mountain Hypnotherapy helped me adjust my fearful apprehensive outlook, and his book, The Mind-Body Fertility Connection helped me prepare for a second pregnancy. Within four months of my miscarriage, I became pregnant again and thanks to the powerful visualization and self-hypnosis techniques Jim taught me, I was able to work through my deep fears about losing another baby. Now, almost seven months pregnant, I am taking birthing classes with Jim.

I am grateful for the emotional and psychological benefits that hypnotherapy contributed to my pregnancy experience.

I would recommend Jim to any woman who is having fertility issues and needs a positive and effective way to face the unknown.

~ Mary

I worked with Jim through my fertility treatments, successful conception and through my pregnancy. I truly feel like I was able to work through areas of my life and subconscious that were a part of my inability to get pregnant. And the results were that I was able to get pregnant and now I have the most precious gift of all-my daughter.
Jim brought compassion, professionalism and factual background which was helpful for my practical, scientific brain. He helped to educate me on the practice of hypnotherapy where others had not. Most of all, I learned to incorporate this into my own life. I would absolutely refer a friend and have done so.

~ Rachel

My husband and I had been trying to conceive for 3 1/2 years when I found Jim at the Rocky Mountain Hypnotherapy Center. Our journey was painful, however, not uncommon. After a year of trying on our own, we sought fertility intervention. The treatments over the past 2 ½ years consisted of three IUI procedures, a surgery to remove a septum in my uterus, and four IVF procedures as well as countless other non-traditional therapies. The doctors reassured us that everything looked great and they "oohed and aahed" over our "textbook quality" embryos, but I still wasn't pregnant. They told us it can take up to seven IVF cycles for some couples who have unexplained infertility. Three weeks before my fourth IVF, I found Jim. When I came to Jim, I was angry, stressed, tired and depressed. Jim gave me the tools I needed to let go and relax. These tools helped me regain my life and let go of the negative energy that was impeding conception. I have no doubt that the mind-body connection is perhaps the most important factor when trying to get pregnant. I am now almost 8 weeks pregnant, and my husband and I are thrilled! We cannot thank you enough, Jim.

~ Sharon






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